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"In the center of the gallery, stand eight two-sided monolithic cabinets, painted in PRADA's iconic Verdolino green, mimicking those at PRADA's famous stores around the world.

The outer-facing sides of each are filled with the actual clothes that Nitzan dressed in during the entire year.

Gently worn, they have been hung or folded as if new and once again put on display, effectively ending their service as Nitzan's wardrobe.

The performance has been put on pause, allowing time for reflection by both the performer and his audience. The careful viewer will notice that the clothes have been specifically selected for their subtle colors and to avoid overt trendiness.

Virtually identical items are stacked together, revealing the discrimination of Nitzan's taste and the near-uniformity of his apparel. The colors, with exuberant names like Danubio or Piombo, are often essentially indistinguishable shades of near-black. Rows of identical sneakers differ only in the pattern of their wear."

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